Nowind and the Firebird's Challenge

Follow Nowind on the Firebird's Challenge at the Darkmoon Faire.

Eowind's fishing daily: An Old Favorite in Darnassus

This time we do the Darnassus Fishing Daily: An old Favorite
General plot: Go to Rut'theran Village, and catch 8 Kaldorei Herring.

Unforgotten Places - Feralas

This time Unforgotten Places has come to the lush forests of Feralas, one of my favorite places from the Vanilla era.
In the video, we will visit the
  • The waterfilled ruins of Thalanaar 
  • Rew Thalanaar. 
  • Dire Maul, 
  • Jademir Lake
  • Feathermoon Stronghold
  • Dream Bough, 
  • Dreamer's Rest
  • Lake Dumont
  • and various other places

As a bonus, The Grimtotem are coming quest video.