The Stars…


Eowind Moonchild

eowind Loremaster, Ambassador, Brewmaster, Corporal, Flame Warden,
of Darnassus, the Explorer, the Noble, the Patient, the Seeker
Level 85 Night Elf Feral Druid. Herbalist, Miner and a fantastic Sous Chef that enjoys fishing on her spare time. Owns 34 mounts but still mostly rides the Black War Bear. Also owns 31 pets, favorite one is the Wolpertinger.
Favorite project is the Unforgotten Places series.

Jennie Nowind

nowind the Patient
Level 82 Human Affliction Warlock. Sinner, Skinner and Inscriber. Loves her demons and enjoys talking with them rather then with her peers. Favorite pet is the Core Hound Pup and mostly used mounts are the Red Drake and the Black War Tiger.
Enjoys helping Eowind with her articles in whatever way is needed.

The Banker


Level 80 Draenei Death Knight. Engineer and Leatherworker, even though her dabbles with leather shouldn’t be counted.
Likes to trade, enjoys Stormwind and Ironforge, and sometimes the emptiness of Darnassus. Most of all enjoys the fast and easy ways to get to those places from Dalaran.
Spends most of her waken hours at the auction house. Supports Eowind’s projects financially.



Level 24 Human Protection Paladin. Blacksmith and miner, likes to travel a lot and thus has been sent out to do research for Eowind from time to time. Favorite pet is Mr. Chilly.

Noomishie Moonchild

Level 15 Night Elven Hunter. Skinner and Leatherworker, and loves her wolf Amoux. She happened to be close to Dalaraan during Noblegarden so the task of filming the event was given to her. Eowind mailed the camera and she was all set. Due to the success of her work she has been given the trust to continue the work. Distant relative to Eowind.


Level 7 Human Warrior and close friend of Noomishie. After being introduced to Eowinds banker, she has picked up the same trade. After making some hundred gold on her first day at the auction house, she decided to support Noomishie with the financial part of her adventours. She has woven to continue her warrior training, sometime, when the auction house gets boring.

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