Unforgotten Places - Durotar


This time in Unforgotten Places we will visit Durotar, the home of both the Orcs and Trolls of the Horde. The land is surrounded by the sea on two sides and the only border that can be traversed is towards the Barrens in the west as the mountains in the north protect against the harsh lands of Azshara. It is possible to swim from Ratchet to Sen’Jin Village.durotar_map

Both the Orcs and Trolls came to Durotar under the lead of Warchief Thrall, the country is named after his father Durotan. This happened when the Orcs were looking for a new place to settle down after they left the Eastern Kingdoms. The trolls first settled down on the Echo Isles just outside of the south eastern coast until they where forced to move by the Kul Tiras fleet.

Valley of Trials

durotar_vallery_of_trials The Valley of Trials is where orc and troll recruits get their first training to join the Horde. It consists of an isolated valley with a small camp to the south and a cave to the north where the recruits have to visit for some of the rites of passage.

Sen’Jin Village
durotar_senjin_village The Sen’Jin Village is the main troll settlement in Durotar. It was here that the trolls moved after they where driven away from the Echo Isles just outside the coastline. After scouting the village for a while I’ve come to the conclusion that the trolls are quite proud members of the Horde and they really like their Raptor mounts as the commerce seemed to be quite good.

Echo Isles
durotar_echo_isles The original settlement of the trolls after they joined the Horde. They were forced to move from these isles by the Kul Tiras fleet by Jaina Proudmoores father who did not like the idea of orcs and humans co-existing.

Tiragarde Keep
durotar_Tiragarde_Keep What is left of the Kul Tiras fleet that drove the trolls from their homes built a fortress north of Sen’Jin Village and south east of Razor Hill. The people living here are working hard to make their old leaders will true. In other words, they try to sabotage for the Horde in any way possible.

Razor Hill
durotar_razor_hill The main settlement in Durotar is called Razor Hill. It is located in the middle of the country and is quite heavily trafficked. There are profession and class trainers here as well as many missions for the young hoard members that have passed the rites in the Valley of Trials.

Drygulch Ravine
durotar_Drygulch_ravine A ravine located between Razor Hill and Orgrimmar. Populated mostly by harpies that are trying to ambush the various travelers between the capital and Razor Hill. Many attempts have been made by Razor Hill to get rid of this threat but the harpies seem to disappear into the ravines and caves and they have not yet been exterminated.


durotar_orgrimmarOrgrimmar, the capital of the proud Orcs and one of the more visited capitals of the Horde. Just outside the city, east of the path to Razor Hill is a tower for airships to the Eastern Kingdoms and probably Northrend as well, but that I am not certain of, the Northrend airship could dock inside the city as well.

Razormane Grounds

durotar_Razormane_grounds The Razormane quilboars were the original inhabitants of Durotar before the orcs came here. The orcs call them pigmen and they send out extermination parties to get rid of the threat. They do not seem so successful in that mission yet. The quilboars can also be found in the barrens.

Southfury River
durotar_southfury_riverThe Southfury river is the natural border between Durotar and the Barrens. I do not recommend a swim in the river as it is crawling with Crocolisks.

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