Unforgotten Places – Arathi Highlands


The time has come for another issue of Unforgotten Places, this time the focus is on Arathi Highlands located in the south of Lodaeron in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Refuge Pointe
Refuge Pointe is the main Alliance settlement in this area of the Eastern Kingdoms. The main reason the camp was set up where it is was probably to guard the Alliance entrance to the Arathi Basin. The camp itself is located almost right in the center of the area.

Dabyrie’s Farmstead

Not far to the north from Refuge Point is where Dabyrie’s Farmstead is located.


hammerfallHammerfall, the main horde settlement in Arathi Highlands protects their entrance to the Arathi Basin. The settlement is located to the north east of the area and is fortified with wooden walls and patrolling guards.

Witherbark Village
winterIn the south east of Arathi is a quite large Troll settlement. I know that at least the Alliance has some rewards out for them, they reside in the small huts around the lake as well as in the caves in the hills above it.

Boulderfist Hall

boulderfist_hallLocated between the Witherbark Village and Thandol Span is a Ogre settlement that is run by Kor’gresh Coldrage. The Alliance has out some rewards for the Ogres as well.

Faldir’s Cove
faldirs_cove If your interests are in pirates, then a visit to Faldir’s Cove is a must. It requires a little swimming and can be reached from both Stromgarde and Thandol Span. From Thandol Span you need to swim towards west and you will reach it in no time.

Captain Steelgut of the Blackwater raiders is trapped here.

Circles of Binding
circlesofbinding Around Arathi there are different Circles of Bindings. Each circle is guarded by different elementals. Myzrael, a princes of the earth is able to contact the world from the place where she is trapped deep beneath the Arathi Highlands. I must say that I did not like my encounter with Myzrael.

Thandol Span
thandol_spanThe mighty bridge that connects Arathi Highlands with the Wetlands, or more specifically Khaz Modan. This was once the main connection between the humans of Lordaeon and the Dwarves.
Originally this location hosted three bridges that were made of wood, but at some point the Dwarves built the twin bridge that stands today. Regrettably during the third war, the western bridge was destroyed and still today only the eastern bridge can be used for crossing.

Stromgarde Keep and The Tower of Arathor


Stromgarde Keep has a long history, originally the capital of Stromgarde lies at the same place as Arathor that once was the capital of Strom. Stormgarde lies now in ruins and is overrun by many factions struggling for control over it. The syndicate has a precense here, as do the Ogres that have seized control over the Tower of Arathor that once was used for study by the sorcerers of Arathor. The syndicate holds the eastern parts of the keep as well as the inner keep. Forces that are friendly to the Alliance can be found in the northern parts of the keep.

Thoradin’s Wall

thoradinThoradin’s Wall marks the border between Arathi Highlands and Hillsbrad Foothills.

The Forbidding Sea Farm
forbidding-seaThe farm on the coast of the Forbidding Sea is one of the least visited areas of Arathi Highlands. The reason may be that it is not charted on any maps and if you do not have a ship or rowboat, you are up for a long swim.
To reach the farm that is run by some Dwarven Farmers, you will have to swim east from the Tandol Span, and when you reach the sea, just follow the coast northward and you will soon be there. From my estimates this farm should be bigger then any of the other farms in Arathi Highlands and it even has its own dock even though it isn’t trafficked for the moment.

miningIron, Gold, Tin, Mithril, Silver, Lesser Bloodstone and Truesilver.

Stranglekelp, Bruiseweed, Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss, Kingsblood, Liferoot, Fadeleaf, Goldthorn and Khadgar’s Whisker.

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