Brewmaster Eowind

Finally, after almost two weeks of hard drinking and fighting the Dark Iron dwarves at the Brewfest outside of Ironforge. The task at hand was to get completely smashed and then dance in Dalaran. So I did, and therefore I can today call myself Brewmaster Eowind.



It is finally time for another brewfest! If you haven’t visited the brewfest area outside Ironforge ironforge-mapyet, be sure to do that for a lot of fun and something nice to drink while doing it. I helped Daran Thunderbrew a little with promoting the festival and his ale. I’m sure that he will talk you into the same errand if you stop by and thus, I’ve compiled a map where you will need to go and promote him. And please don’t run the ram down.. Be kind to the poor animals.

Oh yes, there has been some changes from last year. The old tickets don’t count this year but you can exchange them for the new Brewfest Prize Tokens if you talk with Belbi Quikswitch.

Last year I didn’t have the time to collect all the tickets that were needed for joining the Brew of the Month Club. But after exchanging my old tickets and joining into the ram racing today, I finally could afford the membership form, and now I am a proud member of the club and I event had the time to try out the Binary Brew. Interesting drink, not quite what I was expecting but very nice indeed.


Now I must return to the dri.. celebration. But rest assured, I will write again when something new and interesting happens!


Best wishes, and happy drinking.

Ambassador Eowind Moonchild



I spent my Sunday in Zul’Drak, helping the spirits of the animal gods, or Loa as the trolls call them, that still live there.

I do not quite understand what caused the trolls to sacrifice their own gods, but I think it has to do with the Scourge, most probably the Drakkari didn’t know of any other method to drive the undead away other then by killing their own gods. But the act drove most of the Drakkari mad and now they roam the country and are a huge threat to all travelers, almost as dangerous as the Scourge.

WoWScrnShot_091409_184513But yes, I came to understand the power of the gods a little bit more during my visit. When I ran errands for Har’koa, the snow leopard gods spirit, I had the opportunity to travel to Mam’toths old temple grounds. When his followers had turned on him and tried to steal his power, he decided to destroy himself. As you can see in the photo above, there is not much left of his temple.


But as always, where there is bad there will be something good. I want to applaud the Zandalari tribe of the trolls for their work against the Drakkari.


Lastly, I want to share a photo of me posing before the Har’koa, and a photo of my friend Co’man the reagents vendor. Both were taken in Zim’Torga.

Jennie Nowind

Nowind_personality_issuesJennie Nowind, often just called Nowind as to make sure that she is not me, even though she is  human and I’m a night elf. So, the story about Nowind is that she is the Inscriptionist friend that I have been helping lately and she is one of the few warlock that I actually like. She has her issues of course, mostly due to her interaction with demons. One of the more potent of her delusions puts her into a dream-like-state and she becomes Jennie Nowind, the forsaken. This happens rarely these days, Elune be blessed as it is quite nasty to witness.
Yes, so.. Even with her personality issues, Jennie is one of my best friends and I even get along with some of her ‘pet demons’. I’ve started to teach her the great profession of herbalism and she picked up on inscription by herself. She didn’t know what to do with all the plants and herbs that I forced her to pick.

But yes, this is all I can tell about Jennie, if you want to know more of her then you’ll have to ask her directly.

My Banker is a Death Knight

I thought that it would be a good time to introduce some of my acquaintances.

banker_stormwind First off is my personal banker that I hired less then a year ago. For both my own and her personal safety, I will not utter her name here but know that compared to my old bankers, nobody wants to cause her any trouble. Her secret lies in the fact that she is a Death Knight. And honestly, it did take some time to talk her over to banking instead of fighting.

For those of you that have no banker yet, I highly recommend you to hire one. They are invaluable. Say for example that you are out on a quest, far from any cities and run out of empty slots in your bag. Instead of making your way to a city yourself. Just use the closest mailbox you can find and empty your bags. Your loyal banker will then auction out the items at the Auction House. Or, you have accepted a quest that requires materials from the Auction House, just mail your banker and you will have the items in no time.

Depending on your preferences, you can let your banker handle all financial transactions or just a part of them. They can also serve as a storage space, when you don’t need an item just yet but don’t want to carry it around. Send it to your banker and she will put it in a safe until you need it again.

My banker used to live in Ironforge until recently when she moved to Stormwind. She mumbled something about that she needed the fresh air and that they had installed new mailboxes just outside of the Auction House there. Well, that’s her decision. The only requirement for all bankers is that they are close to a Bank, Auction House, Mailbox and a Vendor. All locations around Auction Houses comply with these requirements today so it doesn’t really matter what city they are located.

Gold guide for inexperienced adventurers, continued

miningI thought that I would continue a little bit on the same theme as my last rant. How to make gold as an inexperienced adventurer.

If you have followed my advice and got two of the gathering professions you will most probably want to spend the first money on buying some more bags from the Auction House. This way, when you head out from the city again you will be able to carry even more things that can bring you money. One other thing that comes to bags is that whenever you run out of space, don’t hesitate to throw out useless items that you would sell to a vendor anyway. Always prioritize valuable items and quest items.

Another valuable lesson is to always loot everything from all the creatures and monsters you kill. This is one of the things that I did not know when I started my adventure, everything is worth something and a lot of anything quickly adds up to gold pieces in your money bag. And that is a good thing, right?

Fishing does not really give that much money when you are starting out but it is always a good idea to get a little experience with the fishing pole. When you have seen a little bit more of the world and fished in more places, you will be able to sell the fish for a nice amount of silver and gold as it is used by many of the cooking recipes that are needed by the ‘chefs in training’.

Gold guide for inexperienced adventurers

gold_wolves_elwynn The biggest thing that nags me while walking the streets of Stormwind or Ironforge is the amount of beggars present. I do not understand how this can be as it is not that hard to make a decent living in any part of Azeroth.
So, I do hope the next few tips will help some people in the art of earning gold themselves.
First off, even though you are an inexperienced adventurer it is easy to find opportunities where you can earn some money.

One of the more popular professions in Azeroth seems to be cooking. I find this quite natural as most people tend to eat. The easier cooking recipes require meat from bears and wolves and there are plenty of both in Elwynn Forest and even outside of Ironforge. You might want to start with looking in the Auction House to see what is selling for most money before you start. After that, all you need to do is to run out into the forest and locate the desired animals and start your hunting spree. When you have some stacks of meat in your bags, return to the Auction House and put them out for sale. Just be careful not to undercut the existing auctions as low prices are not that good for you or anyone else that is selling the same wares.

And as you already are at the Auction House, put everything you don't need there as well. Look at the lists and see what items are most probably needed by other people (usually you can sell the items that are not needed by others to a vendor in the city, these items are usually gray)
One other recommendation for inexperienced adventurers is to pick up two of the three gathering professions. These are mining, herbalism and skinning. I can almost guarantee that you will be making money in no time by selling the goods acquired with these professions and you can always switch to an other profession later when you want to create things.

A mining trainer called Gelman Stonehand can be found in the Dwarven district of Stormwind and Geofram Bouldertoe in one of the houses north of the great forge of Ironforge.
Herbalist trainer Tannysa can be found in the Mage quarters of Stormwind and Reyna Stonebranch resides south of the great Forge in IronForge.

If you spend an hour on hunting for meat and gathering ore, herbs or skin on one day. You will find some nice money in your mailbox on the next day.