It is finally time for another brewfest! If you haven’t visited the brewfest area outside Ironforge ironforge-mapyet, be sure to do that for a lot of fun and something nice to drink while doing it. I helped Daran Thunderbrew a little with promoting the festival and his ale. I’m sure that he will talk you into the same errand if you stop by and thus, I’ve compiled a map where you will need to go and promote him. And please don’t run the ram down.. Be kind to the poor animals.

Oh yes, there has been some changes from last year. The old tickets don’t count this year but you can exchange them for the new Brewfest Prize Tokens if you talk with Belbi Quikswitch.

Last year I didn’t have the time to collect all the tickets that were needed for joining the Brew of the Month Club. But after exchanging my old tickets and joining into the ram racing today, I finally could afford the membership form, and now I am a proud member of the club and I event had the time to try out the Binary Brew. Interesting drink, not quite what I was expecting but very nice indeed.


Now I must return to the dri.. celebration. But rest assured, I will write again when something new and interesting happens!


Best wishes, and happy drinking.

Ambassador Eowind Moonchild

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