Stuck in Vashj'ir

I took a ship from Stormwind Harbor over a week ago together with many other adventurers that had been called by the Earthen Ring to help them in Vashj'ir.
Our ship was attacked by a gigantic octopus and dragged under water. Luckily some of us were rescued by the Earthen Ring shamans. Blessed with Sea feet for under water movement we have been battling the Naga since then.
We have now arrived at the ruined underwater city of Vashj'ir. We have had a chance to learn some Naga history, when the Naga overtook the underwater city from the Sea Vrykul.
I do not know when I will be able to go home again, hopefully soon as I feel part fish these days. We have tamed seahorses to use as mounts. They are really useful and well worth the time to tame. I couldn't do the work needed without mine.
Someone who is happy with the fact that I am stuck here is my Banker. As I have scurried the seas I have mined the Obsidian veins that I have found as well as collected all the herbs that I have seen. Evidentially all of these are fetching a very nice price on the Auction Houses and my Banker (a Death Knight, remember) sent me a message that I shouldn't be in any rush from this place. Easy for her to say when she's hanging around in the Dwarven District of Stormwind. But honestly, I hope to get a nice cut of the profits when I return to the surface and I do take some extra mining trips between the missions against the Naga.

Stormwind City from the Air


For all of us that has bought the license to fly in old Azeroth we made this little overview to let us identify various places in Stormwind from the air. Hope it will help : )