Unforgotten Places – Loch Modan

loch_modan_map The Loch Modan area is a place that links Dun Morogh together with both the Badlands and Wetlands. This Dwarven controlled area is a little more tempered then their home country, mostly because it is located on a lower altitude in the mountains.

One of the wonders of Azeroth, the Stonewrough Dam, is located here or more precisely on the border between Loch Modan and the Wetlands. More of the dam later in this article.



Located along the road between the South and North pass into Dun Morogh. This is a typical Dwarven settlement with a flight master, and a tavern. You can also find trainers for some professions here, like Journeyman Alchemist, Mining, Herbalism and fishing. While the fishing trainer is located north east of the town, the others are inside the small town and easy to find.

Silver Stream Mine

This Kobold infested mine is located between the North gate and Thelsamar. As this mine once was one of the main supplies of Silver for Ironforge, one can begin to wonder how come they ignore the new residents.

Stonewrough Dam
One of the wonders of Azeroth, the Stonewrough Dam, was once built by the Dwarves and it nicely dams up Loch Modan and thus uncovering most of Wetlands to a swamp instead of sea bed. Even though this is good for business in Wetlands, the water still needs to go somewhere and the dam has grown Loch Modan to around twice of its original size.
The Dark Iron dwarves try to sabotage the dam from time to time, and their raids have constantly increased during the last few years. So far, the Ironforge dwarves together with adventurers have successfully repelled all of the attacks but the threat level is fairly high for this place.
The Dam also is the home for an Engineering Trainer.

Mo’grosh Stronghold
Home of the Mo’grosh ogres in the north eastern parts of Loch Modan. This is a barren place containing a lot for burnt vegetation. The caves in this area holds most of the different varieties of these ogre’s.

The Farstrider Lodge
The Farstrider Lodge is a hunting lodge in the south eastern parts of the region, in the hills above Ironband's Excavation site. There are some hunting challenges available here with nice rewards for hunters and some even for other adventurers. The challenges are time based and involves tracking and hunting beasts that live in the hills and on the eastern shore of the lake. I did enjoy these challenges as they involve sneaking around other beasts to get to the targets.
The lodge also hosts a leather armor merchant who from time to time has green items in stock.


Valley of Kings
The first time that I travelled to this valley was when i needed to get to the Searing Gorge in a hurry. I had heard of a tunnel that could be used and the entrance to that tunnel was located in the Valley of Kings in Loch Modan.
Even though I was unable to use the tunnel at that time due to the fact that it was locked and the gate keeper, Mountaineer Pebblebitty,  didn't trust me to survive on the other side, the visit to the valley was worth the detour.
The beautiful nature and the fantastic statues of old kings.searing-gorge-tunnel-gateI've later come back to the gate keeper with proof that I can handle the things that lie on the other side of the tunnel and thus I am now a proud owner of the key to the tunnel between Loch Modan and the Searing Gorge. The tunnel is in reality of no use these days due to the flight point in the gorge but it is a nice memory and a nice way to reach the gorge if travelling over land.


Natural Resources
Mining: Copper Ore, Tin Ore.. Rumors say that there is silver as well but the most common are copper and Tin.

Herbs: Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot, Mageroyal, Briarthorn and Bruiseweed.

Skinners will find Light Leather and Medium Leather as well as some scraps.

Neighboring regions
Dun Morogh, Wetlands, Badlands and the Searing Gorge.

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