New Stormwind, after the Shattering


I’ve been on an exploration trip around the new Stormwind City. A lot has changed, new places come and old places gone. Here I will try to summarize the biggest changes. But the city is full of places to explore and there is no way to write about them all… So please bear with me : )


The first signs of the change can be seen already at the city gates. It is now confirmed that it was Deathwing who landed on the two towers during his flight of destruction. The marks will probably be seen for a long time. One of the statues has collapsed as well and there are building teams working all around the place.


At the main street of the Trade District we can see that the color of the pavement has changed and the whole place seems larger and more alive. Could the Shattering have widened the street?


The Auction House in the Trade District has a new entrance on the bank side now, good or bad? You are the judge. I will have to ask my banker for her verdict as I myself do not spend much time at the Auction House these days.


The Stormwind Bank has also undergone a little change, a new vault has been added as well as the clerks have been moved to the side.

005-new-stormwind-fishing-quest 006-new-stormwind-cooking-quest

The area between the Trade District and the Mage Quarters is the place to be for every fisherman and chef out there as this is where we will get our daily assignments from now on.


The Mage Quarters have not received any drastic changes but a number of minor ones. There are new passages between the streets and shops that were not there just a week ago.


The biggest change for any old area was for The Park. It’s not there anymore, instead there is a view down to the harbor. It seems that the whole area crashed into the sea. I hope that my old druid teachers got away safe.


A whole new area behind the Cathedral Square with a lake for the fishers and a new cemetery for the city. In memory of all the lost heroes, Rest in Peace. You will be remembered now.


The biggest change in the Dwarven District is the addition of a new Auction House and a new Bank as well as an entrance to the ‘backyard’ of the city.


The entrance to the Stormwind Castle has change dramatically. The castle is now surrounded by water, a new statue of King Varian Wrynn directly inside the outer gates.


From inside the castle we are now able to see the above mentioned ‘backyard’ of the city. The area is huge and contains among other things a human (!) Druid Trainer, a portal to some battleground that I was not deemed worthy to enter (at least not yet) and a whole farmstead.


I ran into Harrison Jones in the Castle Library. He presented himself as a Archaeology Trainer and I tried to talk him into teaching me his trade but he insisted that he was not ready with his papers yet. But I was promised a lesson in the near future. A new trade to learn perhaps?


The Old Town is mostly the same, the only huge change is that the area where SI:7 among others were located is now occupied with a park with training dummies and two houses.


Lastly, between the Old Town and the Trade District there is a fantastic shop, new at least to me. A florist in Stormwind! A must to visit if you haven’t already!

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