My Banker is a Death Knight

I thought that it would be a good time to introduce some of my acquaintances.

banker_stormwind First off is my personal banker that I hired less then a year ago. For both my own and her personal safety, I will not utter her name here but know that compared to my old bankers, nobody wants to cause her any trouble. Her secret lies in the fact that she is a Death Knight. And honestly, it did take some time to talk her over to banking instead of fighting.

For those of you that have no banker yet, I highly recommend you to hire one. They are invaluable. Say for example that you are out on a quest, far from any cities and run out of empty slots in your bag. Instead of making your way to a city yourself. Just use the closest mailbox you can find and empty your bags. Your loyal banker will then auction out the items at the Auction House. Or, you have accepted a quest that requires materials from the Auction House, just mail your banker and you will have the items in no time.

Depending on your preferences, you can let your banker handle all financial transactions or just a part of them. They can also serve as a storage space, when you don’t need an item just yet but don’t want to carry it around. Send it to your banker and she will put it in a safe until you need it again.

My banker used to live in Ironforge until recently when she moved to Stormwind. She mumbled something about that she needed the fresh air and that they had installed new mailboxes just outside of the Auction House there. Well, that’s her decision. The only requirement for all bankers is that they are close to a Bank, Auction House, Mailbox and a Vendor. All locations around Auction Houses comply with these requirements today so it doesn’t really matter what city they are located.

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