Gold guide for inexperienced adventurers

gold_wolves_elwynn The biggest thing that nags me while walking the streets of Stormwind or Ironforge is the amount of beggars present. I do not understand how this can be as it is not that hard to make a decent living in any part of Azeroth.
So, I do hope the next few tips will help some people in the art of earning gold themselves.
First off, even though you are an inexperienced adventurer it is easy to find opportunities where you can earn some money.

One of the more popular professions in Azeroth seems to be cooking. I find this quite natural as most people tend to eat. The easier cooking recipes require meat from bears and wolves and there are plenty of both in Elwynn Forest and even outside of Ironforge. You might want to start with looking in the Auction House to see what is selling for most money before you start. After that, all you need to do is to run out into the forest and locate the desired animals and start your hunting spree. When you have some stacks of meat in your bags, return to the Auction House and put them out for sale. Just be careful not to undercut the existing auctions as low prices are not that good for you or anyone else that is selling the same wares.

And as you already are at the Auction House, put everything you don't need there as well. Look at the lists and see what items are most probably needed by other people (usually you can sell the items that are not needed by others to a vendor in the city, these items are usually gray)
One other recommendation for inexperienced adventurers is to pick up two of the three gathering professions. These are mining, herbalism and skinning. I can almost guarantee that you will be making money in no time by selling the goods acquired with these professions and you can always switch to an other profession later when you want to create things.

A mining trainer called Gelman Stonehand can be found in the Dwarven district of Stormwind and Geofram Bouldertoe in one of the houses north of the great forge of Ironforge.
Herbalist trainer Tannysa can be found in the Mage quarters of Stormwind and Reyna Stonebranch resides south of the great Forge in IronForge.

If you spend an hour on hunting for meat and gathering ore, herbs or skin on one day. You will find some nice money in your mailbox on the next day.

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