About me continued…

It has been a while since I wrote about how I got to be me. So I thought I would cover some parts of it today.

After I left Teldrassil, I spent some time roaming the lands by xroadsDancing myself until I got to know a little group of people and adventurers that called themselves ‘Pious Brothers’.

I joined them first time in Zul’Farrak. After a while I became a trusted member and joined them wherever they went. Once or twice we raided the Horde at their Crossroads in the Barrens. It was enjoyable. During that time I had drifted into the role of healer, a bit of a suicidal healer as I couldn’t say no to opportunities. I remember once when a friend of mine Happy asked me to come to Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands while he and another tank killed Araj the Summoner. It took some tries as I was not experienced enough, nor did I have the power in my spells that we would have needed. But, when there was no other brdDance healer available. I went to where I was called and did my job.
Shortly after the Araj incident I was summoned to Blackrock Depths as a healer.

I remember that we managed to help Marshal Windsor and kill Bael’Gar.
I returned at a later point to the dungeons under the Blackrock spire, just to sit on the Emperors throne of power.


But now. During the time I spent roaming the world before I joined the nice people in the Pious Brothers, I picked up some useable trade skills. Herbalism I had picked up already before I miningleft Teldrassil and when I visited Ironforge for the first time I picked up Mining, These two professions became the best way to finance my traveling urge. Wherever I went, I ended up with ore and herbs in my bags that I then could sell to people that needed them or trade for better equipment in a city.

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