Back in the day (Zul’Farrak and Uldaman)

At some point comes the day in every young adventurers life when they get invited to their first guild run, for me it was the old sand troll city of Zul’'Farrak in north western Tanaris. Back then my guild was the Pious Brethren, a fun and crazy bunch of people that I still do love and miss. backintheday000 So, as you can see in the picture where I am waiting for the ship to Ratchet, I do look a little bit nervous.

The run went fine, think it was back then when I first looted an epic item (Icemail Jerkin, couldn’t use it myself but earned a copper or two by selling it) and my friends started to call me high roller.


backintheday002And in this picture, we have the gang. Darkwulf, a fellow druid. Happy our loved noble warrior and Gemeen who mostly was called just mean even though she wasn’t that nasty. Corporal Fatfeet I do not remember and I feel a little bad for that.


The next picture we see our very own Arch Druid, Eleda. If I remember correctly she came and save the day after Happy had to leave.

As I said, it was a long time ago and my memory is not what it used to be, mainly because of the last years events have been keeping me busy elsewhere.


From Zul’Farrak we continued to the Eastern Kingdoms and Uldaman, from sand trolls to an old dwarven cave system. There we found a dwarven hunter that joined us. The next picture is from when we met Ironaya, I am sorry for the bad quality but it was hard to concentrate on two things at the same time.backintheday004

She was a bit scary, it was the first time I had seen anything like that but still, I think we handled it pretty well. After all, we are still alive.


The last picture for today is from where we are fighting the Ancient Stone Keeper.

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