Unforgotten Places – Ashenvale, part I

ashenvale_logoashenvale_mapAshenvale has a special place in my heart, the first thing that struck me about the place was its contrast against its neighbour Darkshore in the north, it was from there that I first entered the forest. But now that you start to think about it, the whole area is in contrast with all of its neighbouring lands. Be it Barrens to the south, Azshara to the east, Stonetalon Mountains to the west or Felwood to the north.
Back in the day before I got hold of my first Striped Frostsaber, it took quite a while to travel through it on foot. Back then the only flight path was located in Astranaar and to be honest I have spent many nights mending my feet at the inn there.

The Zoram Strand
Located to the north east of Ashenvale lies a small region on the coastline. The place is mostly populated with various naga but a smaller Horde camp can also be found here. Along the border to Darkshore lies the Blackfathom Deeps, once a great Night Elven temple but is today overrun with naga and the cult of the Twilight’s Hammer. The cult seeks there for clues of the Old Gods. The cult can also be found around the Ruins of Ordil’Aran close to Maestra’s Post.

The Shrine of Aessina
dunadaire_edune This shrine was built for the spirit of wilderness, Aessina, by the Night Elves. The shrine itself is visited by both Night Elves and dryads. North west of the shrine is a small cottage where some members of the Alliance reside. Among these are Sulan Dunadaire and her brother William as well as some Night Elves of the family Edune.

Old Scarsilkrud

As with most other places in Azeroth, Ashenvale has seen its part of war and still harbors scars from long forgotten battles. Among these is the Fire Scar Shrine, still the home demons from and members of the Shadow Council. Another place is Satynaar, the main settlement of the three satyr camps in eastern Ashenvale.
If this wasn’t enough, Ashenvale is also under the influence of the evil taint that is spreading through the lands from Felwood. Most of the furbolgs around the forest have been corrupted with the taint.



The major Alliance village in Ashenvale is Astranaar. The town itself is located on an island in the middle of a small lake and built like most other Night Elven towns. The architecture is common around the whole region.

Ruins of Stardust
Directly south from Astranaar lies the Ruins of Stardust, similiar to Astranaar, the city once lied on a small island in the middle of a small like. The only thing that is still there are the ruins and some bog beasts roaming the lands. The area around Stardust has been tainted by the same corruption that has taken over Felwood.

Mystral Lake

A little bit to the east from Stardust lies a lake called Mystral Lake. On the western side of the lake is a cave that leads to Stonetalon Peak and on the north side lies a house called Silverwind Refuge.
The lake itself is the home of a large number of water elementals, so please watch out when travelling around this region but the Refuge is worth a visit as there are hunter, herbalism and alchemy trainers that reside there.

Greenpaw Village
greenpaw_villageLast place for part one is Greenpaw Village, located between Mystral Lake and Raynewood Retreat. This is the home of the Foulweald, a tribe of corrupted furbolgs lead by Chief Murgut.
Both the Horde and the Alliance are constantly trying to limit the size of the various corrputed furbolg tribes that reside in Ashenvale.


Next time we will cover the eastern parts of Ashenvale.

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