Unforgotten Places – Dun Morogh

dun_morogh_logo Time has come for the Unforgotten Places series to visit the home land of the Dwarves, Dun Morogh. A fantastic place, if you like snow!
dun_morogh_map As seen on the map, Dun Morogh is located in the mountains between Wetlands to the north and Searing Gorge to the south. The altitude makes it so that the snow never melts here and the lakes are always frozen. On the eastern side of the area is Loch Modan.
There are some inaccessible parts in the region, mainly the airfield to the east of Iron Forge and the village on the mountain side towards the Wetlands.

Coldridge Valley


Located in the south wester part of the area is Coldridge Valley. This is where Dwarves start their studies in the various combat and healing disciplines.

Other interesting things about Coldridge is that the Frostmane Trolls, especially the whelps are no longer hostile. Pretty good diplomacy from the Alliance side.

Dwarven Mortar Team

Travelling on the road between Coldridge and Kharanos you will probabbly end up visiting the camp of Hegnar Rumbleshot, a nice gunsmith. A Dwarven Mortar Team also hangs around Hegnar’s camp.

Kharanos kharanos_tavern Kharanos, the best place to drink beer if it is not Brewfest. Even though it is located only a short trip south of Iron Forge, most people have not heard of the great beer and will rarely visit. Too bad for them I say, as they do not know what they are missing out on.

Iceflow Lake
iceflow_lake In western Dun Morogh is a frozen lake called Iceflow Lake and the ice seems to hold as each time I visit, there is only one small area free of it and that is only thanks to the people in Brewnall Village who use it for fishing. The snow clad islands in are best left unvisited if you are afraid of a fight or two with wolves.

gnomeyGnomeregan, a place that I do not have much fondness for. The capital and home of the Gnomes even though most of them are living in exile in Iron Forge for the time being and I do understand why as I have been into the place once or twice. Every step you take inside is a potential misstep and Elune knows what kinds of mechanical things will come after you. Enter at your own risk. To get here the only thing you have to do is to follow the road west from Iron Forge until it ends.

Iron Forge
ports-of-ironforge The capital city of the Dwarves, burried into the side of the mountain itself says something about the dwarven stubbornes. Many articles could be written about this place so I will not say more then that the best party of the year is held just outside of its front porch, The Brewfest!

Steelgrills's Depot
steelgrills's-depot If you are into mechanical things more then flesh and blood, then you may like the mount vendor at Steelgrill’s Depot as she sells Mechanostriders. There are also a few siege engine pilots resting closeby.

Misty Pine Refuge
misty-pine-refugeThe  Argent Dawn. I never thought that I would run into them in cold Dun Morogh until I did. They have a small, and with small I do mean small, research camp located between Steelgrill’s Depot and Aberstill Ranch to the north of the road. And I did say small didn’t I? Father Gavin is the chief researcher here, and the only one. My guess is that they left him here to do his work and forgot about him when they left for the Plaguelands, and later Northrend.
I do feel sorry for him and I usually try to pay him a visit when my duties brings me to the region.

Amberstill Ranch
amberstill-ranch Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram! Here you buy Rams! They come in various sizes and colors and there is one for every rammy taste!
The ranch is located east of the Misty Pine Refuge and here you can also find a rabbit vendor, who wouldn’t want a rabbit?
The ranch is probably where most dwarves have learned their first riding skill.

Gol’Bolar Quarry
gol-bolar-quarryThe Gol’Bolar Quarry is located southeast of Amberstill Ranch, the quarry and the Miners’ League camp can be seen from the road.
The Quarry and the mine that can be entered from it have both been taken over by Throggs meaning that the miners are paying adventourers to get rid of them.

Ironband's Compound
iron-band Further east from the Gol’Bolar Quarry lies Ironband’s Compound. This place is overrun with Dark Iron dwarves. The compound used to belong to Sturgy Ironband, a fine blacksmith tutor. Some even say that he was the best. The Dark Iron dwarves attacked the compound shortly after one of Ironband’s students brought him some rare ore called Umbral Ore.


I hope you will enjoy your next trip to Dun Morogh and do not be affraid to explore a bit.

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