eowind_at_barber I am starting to feel like almost all adventourers in Azeroth are stressing through their lives. They have turned guild life, dailies, professions and raids into some sort of work that must be done and should have been done last week!
Whenever I visit Dalaran, and that is quite often as I live there, or any other major city I am forced to listen to yelling and chatter about gearscores and preparations for dungeon runs...
I left my last guild due to the fact that they wanted me to be available during set times and that I should spend hours for the greater good of the guild. I couldn't do that, even I do not know what I will end up doing in one hour and a lot less in one week. Needless to say that I got booted out quite fast. But the key here is that there are so many guilds like that out there, the description fits my last 4 guilds. All 4 guilds since I left Pious Brethren that was more a relaxed place with a lot of friends around. I am currently one of the Ladies of the Alliance, a fairly dead guild these days, I do not know where everyone went as they were gone one day. Another extreeme, either be in a totally stressed out environment or an empty place, the only reason I stick around is because I do not know where I would go if I left. And going guildless is not an option as I can not stand the bullying from guild recruiters, the worst kind of people most of the time.
fishing So I ended up with doing other things, I've travelled the lands, seen the people and lended them a hand until I knew their stories by hearth and was awarded the title of a Loremaster and during that journey I ended up with the Seeker and Explorer as well. I enjoyed every minute, made some really good friends and met really nice people that I still visit from time to time.
Other times I just travel to a seldom visited place and fish for a bit, just to see the nature and magic that is still there even though many people will never see it.

Wherever I travel I try to take pictures and document what I see, all from fishing in Orgrimmar to swimming around Silithus. Most people seem to think that Dalaran is all there is, they complain that it is too crowded there but still they do not leave other then for some daily job or a battle.. They always return, even I return after my trips.. But I never feel the stress...
I know that most people will never understand what I am trying to say here but I hope that at least some of you will.

There is more to Azeroth then Dalaran...

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