Battle for Gnomeregan is about to begin!

battle-for-gnomeregan-logo I got a mail from High Tinker Mekkatorque asking me to help with the preparations to take back Gnomeregan! So off i went to Ironforge and helped motivate gnome citizens to become pilots. I’ve taken lessons from Drill Sergeant Steamcrank and helped with the testing of some new Mechano-Tanks!

shooting-mechano-tankI even got to fly Thunderflash, a flying machine belonging to Pilot Muzzlesprock. Been some hard work but I really feel that it is time for the Gnomes to take back their capital city so of course I will help them in any way possible!


After that I ended up helping the speechwriter Toby Zeigear with a speech that he is working on. Well, I didn’t really help him write it… My task was to test some speeches on some gnomes living around Kharanos and then tell him about their reactions to them.
tog-rustsprocket And guess who got the honor of delivering the speech to High Tinker Mekkatorque himself? You guessed it.. I got to borrow the flying machine Thunderflash for the assignment as well.. I do love official business!

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