Elemental Invasion!


First of all, I have to apologize for not writing that much these days. I've been all too busy with work but hopefully that will change to the better in the near future.
The second big happening is that I have left my home guild Ladies of the Alliance, and thus I am guild less for now. The reason behind this leave was that the guild has been growing more and more inactive lately and the last time I talked to another member was some months ago. But, really, being guild less in times like these might not be the best choice.

A lot is happening these days, some weeks ago we started getting reports on earthquakes and it didn't take that long until everyone had experienced them, on every continent. We have wondered what has caused these abnormal quakes but as always the answer was "Time will tell". And it didn't take long until we started to notice the Elemental Rifts appearing in all places, even in Outland. Something is afoot but really the only ones having qualified guesses are the Doomsayers that yell out their prophecies from the street corners of Stormwind’s Old Town and other places.
A week ago I was sent out to investigate a cultist camp in the Elwynn Forest, and imagine my surprise when the image of Cho'gall appeared and talked with the cultists. I have only seen that two headed creature in some old books that I've had the opportunity to study but seeing him, even though only an illusionary image, talking to his minions. Mind blowing.

So, if he is one of the leaders in this cult, Twilight’s Hammer, then I think that something really big is afoot. We have to continue to investigate this further.

Last night while I was talking to a Earthen Ring representative in Ironforge about one of the strange devices that I had found in Northrend I was told about a gathering at the Elemental Plateau in Outland. I hearthstoned to Dalaran and took the portal to Shatthrath City in Outland. From there I flew over the mountains to Nagrand and the Elemental Plateau. And yes, there was a gathering there. Evidently they had summoned the most powerful shamans that they knew to investigate the situation. Among them the Warchief of the Horde, Thrall. Imagine my surprise... Who is now holding a leash on the Horde? This is not good news, even though I know that Thrall is one of the most powerful shamans that have walked the earth in Azeroth and thus will be good value for the investigations of the elemental plane we, the Alliance, cannot trust in the Horde not trying anything while he is gone..
We must be prepared for anything the Horde may decide to throw at us during this unrest!

I will try to keep you posted on the events as they unfold but sadly I cannot make any promises on when I may have time to write next time.

// Eowind

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