Gilneas and Dalaran

I paid a visit to the refugees at the Graymane Wall. Those poor people are still hoping that the gates will open again one day. I remember reading a little bit about this some time ago.

graymanewall Apparently the Gilneans supported their leaders decision to stop helping the alliance after the second war, their biggest argument was that they didn’t want to support an alliance that kept the enemy alive at the internment camps. So King Genn Greymane decides to build a wall. And evidently he had the support from his people.
I have heard a rumor that some Gilneans traveled with Jaina Proudmoore to Kalimdor during the third war. I shall try to find some evidence for this.

Lastly I must quote King Genn Greymane from one of the copper coins he tossed into the fountain in Dalaran.
”Pah, the fountains in Gilneas could grant ten times as many wishes as Dalaran's!” -Genn Greymane

dalaran As I for once was in the Eastern Kingdoms, I decided to head to the old location of Dalaran as it is not a long ride from the Greymane Wall. I have always been fascinated by the wonders of magic, and probably that is why I have learned it. But the most visible magic I wield is my shape shifting abilities, it is quite a small scale compared to lifting a whole city from the ground. And yes, they lifted quite a lot from below the city as well.

camp Outside of old Dalaran is an old interment camp where the alliance had kept the orcs after the second war. To my surprise, the camp outside of Dalaran is used by the mages for studies of the undead. They hold a handful of them in the old wooden buildings. To my relief, the undead seem to belong to a group that don’t have anything against being there.

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