Northrend Childrens Week and Roo

Somehow the Northrend orphanages missed the childrens week this year so they decided they’d have their own week instead. It could turn out to be a very good strategy for the children as now they have the undivided attention of most adventurers in Azeroth.

I decided quite fast to take an Oracle orphan under my wing. oracleorphan His name is Roo and just like all other children in the world, he is curious about things he has heard about.

So, to cut the story a little I showed him around. I will not list all the places we went to but I took some photos at some of the places.


One of our stops was the Winterfin village in the Borean Tundra. Roo played with the Winterfin children and we all had a good time.


After a while Roo decided that he wanted to see the Dragon Queen and one of dragonqueen the Great Ones. I decided that we would go see the Dragon Queen first so that I would have some time to figure out what he meant with the Great Ones.

Alezstrasza was nice and patter Roo on his head before turning back to what she was doing before we had arrived.

I had finally figured out where we could find one of the great ones, greatoneso we flew to Sholazar Basin and took the portal to the Shapers’s Terrace in Ungoro to visit one of the giants. The Etymidian was nice, didn’t actually say much but Roo was happy with just seeing him.


Later, after I had returned Roo to the orphanage I got a mail delivery. It was Roo telling me that his friends didn’t believe his stories of the things we had done. Oh yeah, he sent me an Oracle Hatchling!

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