Unforgotten Places - The Barrens, part I

barrensmapI’ve thought about revisiting some of my favorite places in Azeroth and Outland for a while now, and what could be a better motivation then to be able to write about all these wonderful places, so welcome to the first issue of Unforgotten Places where I return to my favorite lands .The very first time that I had to enter the Barrens was a long time ago when I was helping Velene Starstrike with a water elemental issue in Ashenvale. That time I just entered the northern regions of the land and I remember that my first thought was “How can anyone want to live here”. But at later times I’ve traversed the land forwards and backwards countless times and even though the land is as the name suggest mostly barren, there are places that fascinate me in a strange way.

In this article I will try to describe my own experiences of the Barrens, both old memories and the new things that I’ve found during my revisit.


ratchetDreamyRatchet, the only really neutral town in the whole Barrens and mostly visited by young members of the Horde but also the various Alliance member passing by or gathering for an attack on Crossroads or Orgrimmar. It is also one of the ports connecting Kalimdor with the Eastern Kingdoms and from here you can take a ship over to Booty Bay.

I do like this place, and it is my favorite among the Goblin cities.

Southsea Freebooters

southseaPirateAlong the shoreline south of Ratchet are some camps and ships that belong to the Southsea Freebooters. In many peoples eyes these pirates are criminals and the goblins of Ratchet tend to pay adventurers a copper or two to drive them away.

Fray Island

I do not know how many people actually visited this small island located just outside of the merchant coast but the chances are small that you have even heard of it if you haven’t gotten your warrior training here. The frayIslandisland can be seen from both Ratchet and Northwatch Hold and that is the main reason why I decided to visit the place. If I see something, I want to go there, you could say that I am notoriously curious.

Northwatch Hold

nwatchHoldThe Northwatch Hold was once built by Theramore to guard against attacks to the city from the north. It is a huge stronghold that I try to visit whenever I am travelling in the area, it is a great place to rest at and as they are mostly under attack from the Horde, they usually need an extra hand.

The Forgotten Pools, Lushwater Oasis and the Stagnant Oasis


The Barrens is, as I said before, mostly barren. But there are some waterholes as well, and now I mean literally waterholes. The three oases are great for fishing as they are the only places where you can catch Deviate Fish! You can’t call yourself a fisherman if you haven’t caught a deviate fish, it is just one of those things you have to do. Just watch out for the Kolkar.



The Crossroads, the main Horde town of the Barrens that at least used to be a favorite raiding target for the Alliance, today I think the main target has switched to Orgrimmar. But nevertheless, the Crossroads is located strategically in this middle of northern Barrens where the roads from Ratchet to Stonetalon intersect with the Gold Road that runs from Ashenvale in the north to Thousand Needles in the south. Be warned, the guards of this place run fast, really fast.

to be continued…

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