Unforgotten Places – The South Sea Islands

logo-south-sea-islands As I was scouting out the farm at the Veiled Sea I decided to continue to Tanaris. This lead me to Land’s End Beach and from there I saw some islands in the south. The legendary South Sea Islands. As I have never visited them before I decided to take the detour.

Getting there

001-getting-there From the southern tip of Land’s End Beach start swimming east. until you see a formation in the seabed as shown in the following picture:002-getting-there Swim as far out on the ledge without hitting the deeper waters and take a final deep breath, you will need it. When you feel that you are ready, start swimming southward, and it is important that you do swim directly towards south. Any deviation in direction will lead to a drowning accident. It must also be noted that you will not survive the swim without any speed boosts. As a druid I’m lucky enough to have an aquatic form but there are ways for other classes as well. Like the fishing pole that turns you into a fish, or swim speed elixirs etc.

003-first-glance-south-sea-islands When you hit shallow waters again, luckily unharmed, you will have reached the South Sea Islands. Enjoy your stay but remember that it is just as long swim back.

Northern Island

The northern island is the first one you will see, it contains some goblin laboratories and its population consists mostly of sand, give or take a pirate or two.

Oil Rig


There is a goblin style oil rig located between the northern and southern island. The oil rig seems to be active but I did not find any workers around it. Maybe it is run by the pirates that live on the islands.

Southern Island

007-southern-island-south-sea-hutsThe southern island is where the bigger part of the pirates reside, it seems like they only take turns guarding the northern island. Here you will be able to find a few huts and a water tower as well. Does it surprise anyone that the huts are in goblin style here as well? It seems to me that these islands were once inhabited by goblins. Maybe this was once one of their outposts, the rumor does say that their main islands are located somewhere in the South Sea so I do not find the idea all too far fetched.


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