Hallow’s End

hallows_end_nowind It is that time of the year again. Hallow's End is back and so is the Headless Horseman. I am a little amused about his stubbornness. I mean, each and every year we drive him back for a week or two. We spank, curse and kill him for sports and we loot the items that he carries and uses... Even his head! Not that I have anything against it as he does have some really nice things but I feel that he should know the drill by now or is it just that he is unable to change his behavior? Is it that he is forced to re-appear each year, try to burn down Goldshire, Kharanos and Azure Watch, and probably a few Horde towns as well. He is a busy little being. But really, is there no way to get rid of his curse? Go to the root of the problem instead of kill him over and over again? We know from our previous killing sprees that he will come back no matter how creatively we do kill him. Someone should research this a little, but until anyone finds the root of the problem I guess we will continue with our sport. And as I said, the loot rewards are quite nice.
Jennie Nowind

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