Mining, part III

mining_guide_logo_part_iii Welcome to part III of the mining guide. Today we will head to Outland hand traverse the mining routes there until we become Grand Master Miners and are ready to start mining in Northrend.

Mining Guide Part I – Apprentice to Expert Miner
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Mining Guide Part III – Master to Grand Master

First off you will have to get schooled in the ways of mining in Outland by a mining trainer. There are three that can easily be found, depending on what way you arrived in Outland and how friendly you are with the factions in Shattrath City. The best choice for new miners in Outland who are visiting the place for the first time is to head to the Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula as it is in that area that the guide will start.
Quick note, to mine effectively in Outland I do recommend you to learn to ride a flying mount and buy one. It is well worth the cost. Later it is recommended that you learn how to fly the fast flying mounts as well. The cost pays back, I promise.

Hellfire Peninsula and Fel Iron

hellfire-peninsula-mining-map Hellfire Penisula is quite straight forward. The ore of the land is Fel Iron Ore and it can be found pretty much everywhere. The only catch is that most of the veins and deposits are located around areas where your enemies may notice you so you will end up clearing the areas. Otherwise there is not much to it, there is a forge in Honor Hold that you can use to smelt the Fel Iron Ore into Bars and thus get a few free points. When you have 350 points in mining it is time to move to Northrend to learn Grand Master Mining!
Short guide but there is really nothing more to it in Outland. Next guide will go through the steps from Cobalt to Titan mining. Good luck and happy mining until then.

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