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Noblegarden is back again! Sadly one day was enough for me this year. I had my fun searching for eggs and eating candy. I even got a new Elegant Dress.

I just want to remind those of you who have trouble with finding eggs in Goldshire and Dolanaar to check out last years helpful videos here and here.

So.. I decided to go on a fishing trip.

sun reach harbor fishing

First stop, get some Giant Sunfish from the Sun’s Reach Harbor. Check. Caught some bloated ones as well, happened to contain Lightning Eel! Not too bad : )

hatchet hills fishing

Next stop, Hatchet Hill just outside of Zul’Aman in the Ghostlands. Only caught some Mud Snappers so this place does not really count.

Thondroril river fishing

Last stop, Thondroril River between the Eastern and Western Plaguelands. Lots of Mithril Headed Trout and Greater Sagefish. Even managed to lure a few Redgill and Sunscale Salmon. Hmm, could cook some Poached Salmon and Sagefish Delight for a nice dinner party.. Probably have to wait until Noblegarden has ended or else I will be dining with myself only.

All in all, a nice little fishing trip. Much more relaxing than trying to find eggs in Goldshire together with every other person that lives in Stormwind.

Happy mining / fishing / hunting and gold making.. Tadah!

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