Old Ironforge


I received a report from my friend Wanilla concerning a tunnel she found in the royal chambers of Ironforge. The entrance to the Old Ironforge that lies far below the current city.

Old Ironforge seems like a magnificent place. A lot of glimmering blue minerals can be seen everywhere on the walls and further down melting magma.

She also stumbled upon Advisor Belgrum and a frozen Magni Bronzebeard in the middle of some sort of ritual circle.

old ironforge frozen Magni Bronzebeard

There were also some books that Wanilla had the chance to take pictures of, isn’t she a real spy, our little Protection Paladin.

old ironforge book with runesold ironforge second book with runesold ironforge small book with runes

Following a path further down she also found some sealed chambers, could they be royal tombs?

Footage from her whole venture down to Old Ironforge can be seen here:

Wanilla in Old Ironforge

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