Winter Veil, gold exploit

My banker told me yesterday that she is again making a nice profit during a holiday event. So I asked if she would be willing ot share some of her magic information. Here comes one way to make a nice amount of money during Winter Veil, in her own words:

"My dear citizens of Azeroth. As you may have noticed, the Feast of Winter veil us upon us. And as I have said before, a holiday event is good for Business.. Almost as good as a war.
I will give you one example on how you can print gold during this season.
The Feast of Winter Veil is, well if not a culinary holiday then at least a sugar rush holiday. A lot of the recipies that are connected to this season require only the most basic ingredients. So, my tip to you is... Most people do not know where to buy these ingredients so they start looking at the Auction House. Ice Cold Milk is one of the ingredients for Egg Nog and also, the Greatfather Winter is quite thirsty for it as well.
There are at least one vendor that sells Ice Cold Milk for about 1 silver located close to each Auction House in every major city. So nobody knows this, but you do. Buy up some milk and then auction it for around 25s each. Also try to vary the stack size that you sell it in. Most people will only need one glass of milk, but if you force them to buy 2 or 3 glasses in every stack then you are talking money. Do not get too greedy though, as even if you have a slightly higher buy out price then the other people that are selling this, your stacks will be smaller as people tend to sell milk in stacks of at least 5 but mostly 10 or 20.
So you can list your milk for a higher price then the lowest and still sell your stock before your competition. The first day of Winter Veil, I sold milk for around 500 gold. It has gone down a little since then so I do not regret sharing this with you. But it is still a hot market to try to establish oneself in.

I do hope that this has given you a little insight in how you can exploit a public holiday in Azeroth. I guarantee that each holiday has its own bag of tricks for big profit. So I may or may not write again during next holiday, it depends on how much gold comes my way.

// Yours truly ----------, Banker"

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